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MacroSun Closes St. Louis Retail Locations

After 25 years in St. Louis, MacroSun
is closing its retail locations.


Thousands of Personally Collected
Fair Trade Treasures on Sale

This will be the final opportunity to purchase many of the unique pieces at MacroSun

All the unique pieces you’ve known and loved at MacroSun for years will be offered for the last time in our retail location:  

sterling silver jewelry with precious and semi-precious stones from Rajasthan, fashions from India in silk and brocade, best andfreshest incense, largest collection of Tibetan singing bowls in the region, fine winter scarves and mittens, wrap skirts and dresses, fleece-lined Himalayan coats, vibrant tapestries and antique textile wall hangings, Ganesh, auspicious for the new beginnings, in wood, bronze, and stone, and a tremendous selection of Buddhist and Hindu Deities and Murtis, sacred prayer beads and malas, tribal carvings, masks, traditional Asian home décor, and so much more!

One of a kind pieces, many from our warehouse and from our private showroom, will be available to the public for the first time ever.


We’re not going out of business – We’re reinventing our business! 

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Since our founding in 1991, we’ve seen many changes in the lives of our artisan-friends in South Asia and many changes in retail in St. Louis and across the world.  At MacroSun, we’re also changing.  We’re exploring particular artwork and artisan product lines that we will be focusing on, and new ways to connect to our friends and customers locally in St. Louis, across the States, and around the world.

Stay tuned as the new MacroSun evolves!

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