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MacroSun shares your concerns for on-line security, and respects your absolute right to privacy. We have written this section to clarify our policies in this regard. Should you have any questions or concerns about any of this, please contact us or call us toll free at 1.888.962.6278 or 314.421.6400.

Privacy Statement
We will never sell your email address or contact information to anyone or any organization. We only use your contact information for delivery of purchased goods, your customer service, collection of funds for purchased items, our own MacroSun email list (if you request it), and general demographic analysis of our sales.

MacroSun understands and shares your concern over the security of your online purchase. We protect security during your order by using SSL secure servers.

Shipping Information
Our site uses “cookies” to keep track of your shopping cart and order information you enter.

In ordering, it is necessary for you to provide us with basic contact information (such as shipping address and email address) and financial information (like credit card numbers). Contact information is used to send and confirm orders to our customers. Financial information is used to bill for the products you purchase.

Our Email List
We have a MacroSun customer/friend emailing list. Its purpose is to announce such items as new shipments, cultural events, news from our friends overseas, sales, and major web developments.

We only want you to receive our email because YOU want to receive it, and we are personally strongly opposed to and resent unsolicited email ourselves. If for any reason, you are not interested in receiving future updates, please contact us and specify that you would like to unsubcsribe. You will be permanently removed.