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Nepal Earthquake Emergency Relief

Thank you for your support of our Nepal Earthquake Emergency Relief Benefit at MacroSun   

MacroSun has worked with the country and people of Nepal for over twenty years.  We have many dear friends and artisan-partners who have been impacted by the devastating earthquake in Nepal.

We raised over a thousand dollars from the MacroSun benefit to be distributed to Nepal earthquake relief through Mitrata-Nepal Foundation for Children (, for the children of Nepal impacted by the earthquake.

We are deeply grateful for the generosity of our customers and friends.

We have been in touch with our dear friends Mangal Man and Rajendra – many of MacroSun’s artisan-partners, also longtime friends, are accounted for and safe – Prakash, Govinda, Tashi, Achoot, and others, but some have not yet been located.

Again, we are deeply grateful for your generosity and inquiries about ways to help.

-Your Friends at Macrosun International

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