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The Woman And The Singing Bowl

On a mid December evening, near Christmas time when the Delmar Loop was decorated in snowflakes and slush, a middle aged woman walked into the store two hours before closing time.

She wore a multicolored, wool hat on her head and a long black, trench coat. She was completely bald.

Her husband was with her; carrying her purse, he assisted her in every way, opening the door for her and gently holding her elbow as they relaxed into the heat of the store, relieved to be out of the cold. The two figures proceeded to a round table draped in a handmade Indian tapestry splashed in reds and oranges. It was covered with Tibetan singing bowls.

Slowly, the woman began playing with each bowl on the table. Flipping the striker from wooden to leather bound end, she tried over and over again to get a bowl to sing for her. But none of them would.

Frustrated, she consulted Jasmine, the MacroSun team member, for assistance.

“Why won’t any of the bowls play for me?” she asked. “Last time I was in this store, all the bowls played for me. Since then I’ve been diagnosed with Stage 4 Leukemia. I came back to get a bowl to use before and after my chemotherapy, but none of them will work.”

One by one, Jasmine helped the woman play through all the bowls on the table but none of them would make a sound.

We have some more, she said. And she pulled out a cardboard box stocked with singing bowls of all sizes and colors.

After rummaging through the box, the woman pulled out a small, gold bowl and a wooden striker. With the patience of a small child catching a butterfly, the woman ran the striker around the bowl until a loud ringing filled the entire store.

“This is the one!” she exclaimed. 

Using an app on her phone, Jasmine read the pitch on the bowl. It was an F, connecting to the 4th chakra, the heart. The heart chakra represents our ability to love, said the team member. For healing purposes it regulates the nervous system and aids in heart and blood ailments.

“I have leukemia; cancer of the blood,” said the woman. “And I need healing.”

The woman took that bowl home with her that day, grateful for MacroSun, our monk friends in the Himalayas and for her expected healing.