Author Name : jenbreoadmin


Creation and Destruction of a Sand Mandala

Tibetan Buddhist monks from the Drepung Gomang Monastery, in India, created a sand mandala on Friday, Aug. 30, 2013 at the MacroSun International store in St. Louis. This mandala was created by precisely dropping grains of color sand onto a wooden board to create a design to represent peace. It took three days for a team of eight monks to create it. On the fourth day, the mandala is swept away and...


Notes From Indonesia And Thailand Travels

The political/economic turbulence in Indonesia has had a powerful impact on the journey, MacroSun shipments, and on me personally.   The situation is much more complex than the "sound byte" snippets presented in the Western media, I believe.  The long patient, fun-loving, deeply spiritual people of Indonesia deserve a responsive, democratic government. Time with my dear friends in Indonesia w...


The Woman And The Singing Bowl

On a mid December evening, near Christmas time when the Delmar Loop was decorated in snowflakes and slush, a middle aged woman walked into the store two hours before closing time. She wore a multicolored, wool hat on her head and a long black, trench coat. She was completely bald. Her husband was with her; carrying her purse, he assisted her in every way, opening the door for her and gently ...